Argene Giannetti

Another moment of great joy took place last Friday at St. Edmund Church, where Argene Giannetti celebrated her 100th birthday. The Mass, presided by Pastor John McGivern (with four co-celebrants), ran a little long, as you might imagine. “Be patient,” quipped son Don, the parish administrator/historian, “it takes a while to get through 100 years.” 

Argene, in fact, a native of Tuscany, Italy, has lived through no less than seven pastors at St. Edmund. By the age of 5, she had survived the Spanish flu and an earthquake. It should also be noted, and was, that Argene has the most amazing complexion you’re ever likely to see in a centenarian.

At the end of his testimonial, Don asked the packed church to stand and waved a handkerchief three times while everyone called out “Viva La Mamma!” That was followed by a final “sorpresa,” courtesy of Fr. McGivern, who played a recording of Andrea Bocelli’s “Mamma.”

The parish threw a breakfast bash afterward for all those attending. 

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