In the wake of Memorial Day, it’s a good time, while showing sincere respect for all who’ve given their lives to defend their countries and their beliefs, to unite in an effort to work beyond borders for global peace.

New-born generations must lead the way, and find the leaders to create a new culture, where men and women refuse to die or kill for their beliefs, whatever those beliefs may be (political, religious, philosophical, or other).

Most would agree World War III would (will?) be catastrophic beyond reckoning.  Many would agree the way of the world currently leads us inevitably there, whether in 10-15 years or a couple of decades more down the line.

“There will always be war” goes the general consensus.

But what if the great majority of human beings refuse to kill or die in defense of country, creed, personal philosophy, or anything else?

“The bad guys will have free hand and take over.”

Then what if nations ban together to pool their resources for an “emergency world force” to be brought into action only to stop “the bad guys,” a truly world-wide participation by ALL (through an effective, improved United Nations, based on per capita contributions from all nations, of assets and manpower)?

Respect for national sovereignty, religious beliefs, and individual human dignity would be fundamental in the charter of such an international agreement.

The fundamental principle at play is the refusal to kill, and the acceptance of nonviolence as a method of conflict resolution. And the goal, in implementing this principle, is to work beyond sovereign borders to establish global peace.

Most of us today find it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to even begin to realistically conceive such a world. We honor and even revere those who’ve given their lives in defense of our own beliefs and theirs. This is a very strong, perhaps basic, value in our culture. That is why newer generations, perhaps those yet unborn, will have to develop a culture entirely different from our own in order to avoid WWIII.

In the meantime, let’s hope a majority of us can seek beyond borders, together, to work to create global peace.

Support for “Beyond Borders for Peace,” as well as additional ideas (for and against), are welcome. No money is solicited. Objections and problems are welcome, but primarily so when accompanied by solutions to the very problems raised. We don’t have all the answers and feel it is incumbent upon all of us to try to find them … for the betterment, through global peace, of us all.

Lanny Lutz

Oak Park

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