Oak Park and River Forest High School is readying a proposal to take to the Oak Park village board which would allow the school to annually add one more night football game at the Lake Street stadium if the Huskies get so lucky as to make the playoffs.

“Friday Night Lights” was a classic Oak Park battle — by which we mean long, inane and filled with NIMBY fear-mongering. Neighbors of the high school, which would include those people who chose to purchase a home immediately adjacent to a 3,200-student school, howled at the imposition of a handful of night football games. Light spilling into the nurseries of infants and rowdies taking over the neighborhood were the two main overblown fears when this issue boiled a half-decade back.

The school has taken its request for one more game out to the neighbors as it properly should have done. Officials report concerns from some percentage of those nearby. We’d urge neighbors to chill, to grab their parkas and join the fun. We’d also urge village trustees to simply vote in favor of this idea and not ship it off to some committee for review. Avoiding faux controversies is one of the ways the village can maintain its focus.  

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