We oppose EMSL Analytical Inc.’s special-use permit request under consideration by the River Forest Zoning Board of Appeals for 7716 Madison St. We raise questions that need to be addressed by the ZBA.

• What impact would emissions from EMSL’s lab have on our air, soil and water quality near the proposed lab?

• If the air, soil, or ground water becomes contaminated, what would be the health impact for those who would be exposed; what economic impact would be felt by our residents for cleanup? 

• EMSL indicated to the ZBA plans to test for toxins like asbestos, lead, copper and mold; what controls are in place for those unknown samples sent via regular mail, Fed Ex and UPS that are waiting to be tested? How are we assured the lab would not receive additional toxins for testing such as microbiological agents, including anthrax, E-coli, and uranium and other toxins listed on their website?

• How does EMSL fit into the 2015 Madison Street redevelopment plans, and would their presence discourage retail and restaurants from joining this business district?

• What impact would EMSL have on the property values of River Forest residents that live near the proposed lab?

We are proud multi-generational Oak Parkers, and we moved to River Forest five years ago. We love our town and want to make sure what happens in River Forest is best for our community, including our children. We believe the presence of EMSL in River Forest will have a negative impact environmentally and economically. We ask that the special-use permit be denied by the ZBA.

Ann (Mullarkey) and Dan Ganschow

River Forest

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