We moved into our home in River Forest in April of ’83. Plans were to stay five years, fix up, and move. During the next few years, things changed. In the early ’90s we thought of moving, but we liked our home, the “fixer upper” was coming together, we loved our neighborhood, so we stayed and this was home. 

When I attended the RF Zoning Board meeting discussing permission to grant a special-use permit allowing EMSL to test asbestos, lead, and mold in our neighborhood, the company representative stated they “like to weave themselves into the fabric of the community.” I was concerned. 

Preparing opposition to this company moving here, we held organizational meetings. I met neighbors, some for the first time, and was struck by the rich diversity I faced, people from all walks of life, but all chose our neighborhood — a diverse set of threads woven into a rich tapestry. I like the people who live in my neighborhood. 

When EMSL said they like to weave into the fabric of a community, I felt like screaming, “Please don’t!”  I certainly hope the ZBA is rational and rejects EMSL’s permit and the trustees tell the company to find someplace else. 

I want to thank EMSL. I am meeting neighbors I probably wouldn’t have met. They are much younger but all share a common want. Each wants a safe, comfortable place to live. Our fabric is just fine.

We can do better and we deserve better.

Dave Erfort

River Forest

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