Last Friday evening on the first block of Ashland Avenue in River Forest was one of those magical evenings we’ve spent all winter dreaming about. With warm temperatures finally here, the whole block was swarming with activity. At least a dozen kids of all ages were out playing tag, baseball and soccer. The “grown-ups” were out also, gathering on a neighbor’s porch for an impromptu spring party.

Within a stone’s throw, literally, of this idyllic scene sits a vacant building that is the proposed future site of EMSL, a laboratory that tests environmental toxins. While not quite the same as placing a nuclear reactor in a residential neighborhood, we, the immediate residents of this block, are shocked that our village would consider this facility in such a densely populated area.

At last Thursday’s village hall meeting, many of our friends and neighbors turned out to eloquently voice their opposition to this plan. On June 12, EMSL will have the opportunity to present their case to the village. While we don’t dispute that EMSL provides a valuable and necessary service, our issue is the placement of this type of business in a neighborhood which is home to dozens of young families.

Please consider joining your fellow residents in opposing this plan whether by signing a petition, posting a lawn sign, or attending the June 12 meeting. We would greatly appreciate any and all support. 

The Swock Family

River Forest

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