Congratulations to the Pangea people, owners of the rehabbed building at 111-113 Garfield Blvd., only a block or two from the train at Austin or Lombard. Nice new construction done with tenants now moving into this Oak Park rehab improvement.

Today a contractor swooped in and took down the junk trees growing at the foot of the apartment building which has I think (from a count of the gas meters) about 12 apartments. I live nearby and see people beginning to move in.

They are taking down the junk trees, which could have cost me money if the storms of this June and July were to blow the trees down on top of my car and the cars of others. 

I think I can say we are grateful for this improvement, which will both protect our cars and enhance the desirability of their building. 

Finally, maybe the results of the Barrie Park monster are dead (we hope).

Murrell Selden

Oak Park

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