You Really Should Eat This: Katy's Dumpling House

I was on the chest press machine at FFC last Friday, and a guy approaches me. I look up.

“You’re the food blogger guy, right?”

Okay, given last week’s many heated — and at many times unhinged — exchanges, during which I was called Hitler, a bum, and an as**ole, I got ready for the worst. So I quickly assessed how, if the guy makes a move, I can hit him fast, maybe in the nose, and perhaps temporarily blind him so I can escape before, being younger and stronger, he breaks my neck.

“Um, yes,” I say, tensing up.

“So,” he says with friendliness in his voice, “where should I go eat?”

Not an angry poster! That was a relief.

So, I mentioned Chipotle (he doesn’t get the joke) and then he says, “I tried that pancake at Katy’s. I really liked it!”

He was referring to the shredded pancake, about which we did a You Really Should Eat This Video.

And that’s why I write. Because somewhere, there’s a guy or a girl who will read something I wrote or a video I made with Joe Kreml and Patrick Rollens from the Village, and it will make a difference in their dining choices. They’ll go to eat somewhere they’ve maybe never been before, and order something they’ve never eaten before, and they’ll like it.

That’s all. That’s basically the reason I write about food.

Anyway, in honor of this random guy who found something good to eat because of something I wrote, I’m reposting the video about the pancake at Katy’s…which you really should eat.

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