On May 3, 2014 the 15th Annual Percy Julian Symposium will be held at Oak Park River Forest High School. The Welcome session begins at 9 a.m. in Room 293, with registration being held in the Student Center beforehand.

The public is invited to hear 18 students present their research projects in 12 minute segments. Each research projects’ explanation is designed so that a layperson is able to understand the process and outcomes of their work. The title of each research project and the student presenting are as follows:

  • Megan Peters, Earth Metals Used in Electrolysis for the Production of Clean Energy
  • Charles Hoffman, Comparing Bladed Turbine Efficiencies to Develop Cleaner Energy
  • Grace Niewijk, Development of Absorbent Antimicrobial Bandages & Ointment
  • Julia Szewc, Hirudin Treatment to Improve Oxygen Diffusion through Blood Vessels
  • Caroline Cronin, Effect of Increased Solar Radiation on Cyanobacteria in Freshwater
  • Latroy Robinson, Effects of Cooling Hemolymph to Combat HACE
  • Maura Dahl, Nanotechnology Utilizing Biomimicry in A Surgical Dressing
  • Zoe Gearing, Cardiac Effects of Caffeine on Daphnia to Study Alcohol Dependence
  • Sarah Peters, Ocean Acidification on Duration of Light Output in Dinoflagellates
  • Hannah Goodbar, Food Pyramid by Effecting Carboyhydrate Intake and Moderate Exercise
  • Helen Thomason, Model of Anas platyrhynchos to Study Human RAD
  • Wiley Lauerman, Post-Concussive Symptoms to Engineer More Efficent Headgear
  • Jessica Kende, A Novel Nanotechnological Therapy Using Oxygen Filled Microbubbles
  • Faith Lewis, Mating of Hippocampus erectus to Understand Sex Role Reversal
  • Naren Chaudry, Effects of Cholesterol on the Development of Atherosclerosis
  • Devine and Mitchell, Home Automation System Using a Raspberry Computer and Arduino
  • Bobbie Barnes, Effects of Predation on Established Guppy Communities
  • Parth Shah, Effect of Radiation from Multiple Wireless Devices

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