And this just in from Ted Loewenthal, OPRF freshman and OPCON planning committee member: 

“With geek culture taking over America, it makes sense that the geeks are taking over OPRF, too. OK, so maybe not “taking over” per se. It’s just for one day, nine hours of fun, frolic, D&D, games — and a real Renaissance Faire bard!

“Come one, come all to Oak Park and River Forest High School’s 25th annual celebration of all things geek, nerd, egghead, and otherwise awesome: OPCON!

Hosted since Times of Yore by OPRF’s Sci-Fi/Fantasy Club, OPCON is suitable for all people with an enthusiasm for anything geeky from age 11 to One Hundred Eleventy. There will be movies, video games, comic book vendors, card games, the ever-important food and/or drink, (and the aforementioned bard!), and much more besides.”  

OPCON takes place this Saturday, April 26, from the ungodly hour of 8 a.m.until 5 p.m. For more information, email Michael Dorame at

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