Noting that you create a prominent publication in the Oak Park and River Forest community, I wanted to bring to your attention the issue of children in the labor force. I do not believe this issue is talked about frequently enough in our community, and we often do not see the true realities of children who partake in the labor force. You may have heard cliché conversations regarding children in the work force, but how much does our community really know about their lives? 

It is an outdated practice that has taken place in the past, but as a nation that prides itself on freedom and equality I believe it should no longer exist. Although it is far more frequent in foreign nations, as opposed to the United States, it still raises issues of protection, safety, and the innocence of children. 

Young girls and boys work long hours during the day and night to provide small pay for their families. Girls are often violated by their overseers in various ways. To imagine the life of a child working in the labor system is far beyond what we know in the safety of our peers. I encourage you to simply help others to think about child labor, and possibly bring awareness to the issue in your publication. 

It will take time to change the world, but it happens one step at a time. 

Anna Beadleston

OPRF H.S. junior

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