When I was managing a youth baseball Pony League team about 10 years ago, my team’s practices at Lindberg Park were sometimes bumped by a Fenwick baseball team. League officials told me Fenwick was allowed to do this. 

Despite inquiring of park district board members what the arrangement was for Fenwick’s use of the fields, I could never get a straight answer. I thought about this when I read the front page Journal article on March 26 that reported on the inadequacy of space for youth baseball [Youth baseball and parks tussle, News]. It raised the same questions I had 10 years ago: Does Fenwick still use park district fields? If so, is the district compensated? If so, how much? 

Finally, even if Fenwick, a private institution, does use park land and compensate the park district, do the taxpayers of Oak Park approve of this arrangement in the face of the squeeze on youth baseball? Perhaps the Journal can be more successful than I was in finding the answers to these questions. 

Jim Whalen

Oak Park 

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