Imagine a supermarket in Oak Park with a wide selection of fresh produce, including organic, and specials like fresh, sweet red grapefruit direct from Texas. Then look at the wide selection of packaged foods, including some great pasta selections, a full range of baking needs, and fresh dairy products. Then add to this mix a real butcher who offers a great array of chickens, turkeys, meats, and special orders

Oh, say you, wouldn’t it be great to have such a supermarket located in a nice business district, even with convenient parking at the side of the store, making it easy for senior citizens like me.

Yes, you’re hoping for such a store and anxiously awaiting the Dominick’s replacement. But worry not, the above described supermarket exists on South Oak Park Avenue, and the name is Pan’s. I’ll admit I did not start seriously shopping there until my neighborhood Dominick’s closed. But what a pleasure it is to shop at Pan’s with cheery check-out ladies who give more attention to the customers than chatting with each other. And the daily featured items demonstrate very competitive prices with the big chains.

So don’t dream of the major new markets which may or may not appear within our taxing area. Head over to a neighborhood supermarket that wants to please you and will give that old-fashioned personal attention to the shopper. And take your own bags — that way you don’t have to add more plastic to our environment.

Bobbie Raymond

Oak Park

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