I did not vote for Village President Anan Abu-Taleb and am waiting to see how his new business-oriented approach to running Oak Park will benefit its citizens. However, his selection of Andrea Ott to replace village trustee Ray Johnson was a stroke of genius.

Andrea Ott is an excellent choice. She brings the perspective of young families to the board of trustees. A mother of two children under 5 years of age and an attorney, she has lived in Oak Park for seven years with her husband and practiced law in Kane County, Oak Park and downtown Chicago. Andrea and Mike Ott, also an attorney, were married at, and are still members of, Ascension Church here in town. She has volunteered her time and energy on the Oak Park Parenthesis Family Center Board of Directors and has been a member of the Oak Park Disability Access Committee and chaired it for the past three years.

As an attorney, I know Andrea Ott to be bright, conscientious, dedicated, caring and exceptionally well qualified. She is dedicated to Oak Park school and business development. 

In addition to being an experienced trial attorney, I’ve witnessed firsthand Andrea’s keen focus on the law and the needs of the client in handling a case before the Illinois Appellate Court. Only a very small percentage of lawyers ever argue a case at that level of the judicial system, and she won.

Andrea Ott is already an asset to our community and she will now have an opportunity to serve us all in a new capacity. Congratulations, Andrea. Good for Mr. Abu-Taleb and the village board for appointing Andrea and approving her appointment, which is great for Oak Park.

Jordan Rifis

Oak Park

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