Dan Haley asks why the Kleronomos buildings were not foreclosed earlier, under other village boards [Longer wait for beer, News, Feb. 26].

In 2003, as I recall, there was a Harrison Street Business Association meeting held at La Majada. All trustees and the president were there. There was a large number of business owners and concerned citizens present. 

When I suggested foreclosure if no resolution could be found, former trustee [Ray] Johnson and former president [David] Pope, then a trustee, defended [Chris] Kleronomos as a local businessman committed to Oak Park, etc. Former president [Joanne] Trapani was beside herself in stopping foreclosure from being mentioned at this meeting. 

After the meeting, an angry Mrs. Kleronomos confronted me. I told her, “Fix them or sell them.” We never spoke to each other again. 

The boards dropped the ball and we never moved on the issue. No excuses. We should have attempted foreclosure during my term in office (2003-2007). We/I failed to get this done. 

So why were they not foreclosed? Managers with excuses, trustees who did not want to upset the businesses village-wide, and perhaps a local paper that did not use its power of the press enough to push. 

We all have a role in the why, but local government failed to do the right thing. 

Robert Milstein

Oak Park

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