It was with deep sadness that I read pages 27-29 in the March 26 Wednesday Journal [When we sought racial balance in our classrooms, LifeLines]. I had intended to write this letter some years ago but thought, “What’s the use?”

I am an Emerson alumnus, if such a thing now exists. I felt, and still feel, it would have been an altruistic gesture on the part of the powers-that-were, to contact the hundreds of us before destroying an Oak Park landmark — for us to say again, “goodbye” to those hallowed halls of learning. It must have been hardened hearts that failed to consider those who may have, and still do, hold memories of Ms. Bonduront, Mr. Hebel and so many others.

I realize the world moves on and progress must be met. However, the past never loses its importance and emotion.

Richard “Dick” Stasack

Class of 1954

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