Photo courtesy of the Neighborhood Project


Important information from TNGP Board Member and resident Artiste Extraordinaire, Jocelyne Adkins:

The beautiful garden illustrations the children created for the silent auction are currently on exhibit until Sunday, April 6th at Red Hen Bread, at the corner of Lake and Oak Park Avenues. Every child who submitted an illustration has been included in this exhibit.

We are very appreciative of their effort, awed by their creativity and warmed by their willingness to help others in this special way! We hope that you will visit this exhibition with family, neighbors and friends and consider placing a bid in support of the OPRF Food Pantry.

A few additional details about the silent auction:

1. Bidding schedule: Monday, March 24th through Sunday, April 6th at Red Hen Bread (the binder to place your bid is sitting on the easel under Red Hen’s chalkboard menu)

2. The artwork is numbered 1 through 38 (look for a small yellow-green label on the lower right side of the illustration). The numbered illustrations follow in succession, beginning with # 1 on Lake Street, on the east side of Red Hen.

3. Winning bidders will be notified via email beginning Monday, April 7th. Please be sure to RSVP, so we know how many people to expect at the closing reception on Thursday, April 7th.

4. Closing reception to receive the artwork (with complimentary brownie/blondie bites from Red Hen): Thursday, April 10th, 4:30 to 5:30pm at Red Hen Bread

5. Winning bidders: please make checks payable to the Oak Park River Forest Food Pantry  ~ Thank you!

Please Note: If you are a winning bidder and cannot attend the closing reception to receive your artwork, you may email Jocelyne Adkins of TNGP to schedule pick up at a later time.

With Appreciation,

Jocelyne Adkins
Board Member, The Neighborhood Giving Project

We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to you and your child/children for your participation in The Neighborhood Giving Project’s “Food for Thought” workshop, in partnership with the Oak Park River Forest Food Pantry.

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