Cecily Strong (Courtesy of Glamour.com)

Oak Park native and Saturday Night Live “Weekend Update” anchor Cecily Strong hit the red carpet in Chicago on March 12 and has landed the cover of a couple magazines, recently. In the April issue of Glamour, which is on shelves now, she is giving readers her top do’s and don’ts for a happy life.

One of those don’ts includes cautioning readers against wearing clothes they like to any job that involves bleach. 

“I was a dishwasher at The Buzz Cafe in Oak Park, Illinois,” says Strong in an interview with Glamour, “and I learned not to wear any clothes I liked to work, because even the smallest splash of bleach will stain.”

Here that, ladies and gents? No Rag and Bone near the mop bucket.

Strong also says do “pop a bottle of vino,” go to free concerts, workout (even if you hate it), hire a professional to “clean your place-once,” and play with a dog as much as possible.

What is on the Don’t list?

Don’t forget to sleep is first on Strong’s list. 

“Find times to nap-and don’t worry if people judge you,” Strong says. 

Also, don’t take a shower. No, she is not advocating a hygiene strike. She recommends treating oneself to a long, luxurious bath. 

Don’t underestimate fake lashes, don’t be a yes man and, lastly, don’t complain. 

Strong says, “This may sound hippie-dippie, even for me, but I think putting good vibes out in the universe returns some to you.”

Read the full list.

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