By Susan Lucci


Have a high school sophomore or junior dreaming/fretting about college? Having just completed – and really enjoyed! – the application process with my senior, I am excited to create a space for teenagers to explore and discover their voice so as to best tell their unique story. 

It’s never too early to explore the BIG questions of life. 

Applying tips from two wise advisors in the world of college admissions (Katie Malachuk: You’re Accepted and Harry Bauld: On Writing the College Essay) as well as my own personal experience, I have developed a practical process for including a casual “conversation cafe” and writing circle for teens. I believe that this seemingly overwhelming task of applying to college can be transformed into an enjoyable self-discovery process. This process will be useful not only while applying to college, but also during college – and beyond!

My process includes exploring critical questions for discerning personal preferences and interests, as well as criteria for making sound choices. Last but certainly not least, each student will create their own personal timetline and to do list for the college process.  All they need is pen/paper or ipad/laptop. The books are optional, but encouraged. (Both are written for audiences of all ages.) Choose to attend 1 or all 4 sessions (each includes 6 meetings = 9 hours):

#1 June 17/18/19 & June 24/25/26 (10 – 11:30 AM)
#2 June 17/18/19 & June 24/25/26 (1:30 – 3 PM)
#3 July 8/9/10 & July 15/16/17 (10 – 11:30 AM)
#4 July 8/9/10 & July 15/16/17 (1:30 – 3 PM)

Obviously, the more deeply one engages in this process, the better the experience and the outcome. Please RSVP as soon as possible as space is limited to allow for personal attention. The fee for this unique experience is $300 per session. 

Questions? Contact Susan Lucci @ 

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