Lent is a time for spiritually motivated self-denial. Throughout the centuries, however, people have developed ways to make this season of sacrifice more tolerable by developing delicious recipes characterized by their simplicity and their avoidance of meat (hey, we had our big chance to eat all the meat we wanted at carne-val).

The pepper and egg sandwich is a delicious way to get through the Lenten season. The preparation of the sandwich is super simple: griddle some sweet green peppers (I guess you could use red or orange peppers, but green seems the color of choice), scramble eggs and put it all on bread. Simple.

I’ve written before about pepper and egg sandwiches at Buona Beef, and they’re also available at Johnnies Beef  and now Burger Boss.

Burger Boss goes slightly upscale by putting the pepper and egg on a brioche bun, a further step in the effort to make this brief period of disciplined dining a little more enjoyable. I suppose if you wanted to modify and perhaps further enhance with this traditional Italian-American dish, you could use poblano or some other Mexican chile.

Self-sacrifice can, no doubt, be tasty.




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