Last summer when I was collecting signatures on Pam Meyerson’s nominating petitions, I often heard “Oh yes, she was part of our parent group at Beye” or “Oh yes, I worked with her on the Community of Congregations” or “Oh yes, I know her from the pro-bono work she did for our Oak Park organization.” 

Yes, indeed, it was an honor to collect signatures and hear all these unsolicited testimonials on Pam and her history of involvement and service to our community.

Pam was appointed to the judiciary last year, and is now standing for election in our 11th Subcircuit district. As her first months on the bench have shown, she brings to the role of judge a keen intellect and knowledge of the law, a wealth of experience as a parent, community activist and leader, and a belief in the worth and dignity of all persons.

The election on March 18 affords us the opportunity to keep a talented and dedicated judge on the bench. This is a contested race and requires the voter to work through several other races to get to the 11th Subcircuit race. You’ll find Pam at #174, the very last candidate on the ballot. 

I urge you to support Pam in this race and encourage your friends and neighbors to join you in voting for a truly wise and thoughtful jurist.

Mena Boulanger

Oak Park

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