This Saturday, February 22, 2014, from 6-10PM, Spudnik Press Cooperative (1821 W Hubbard, Suite 302) will host their fourth annual Chili Cook-Off. Dubbed Hashbrown, this year’s event pits ten of Chicago’s most unique and promising arts organizations against one another in an effort to make the best pot of chili and win $250 to support their arts initiatives.

If you’re wondering about the odd name of this event, Angee Lennard grew up on a potato farm, so she called her press cooperative Spudnik and this competition Hashbrown. Lennard is a good friend of Oak Parker Colin Polumbi, who teaches classes in stop motion animation at Spudnick.

In addition to abundant chili, there will be cornbread and baked goods, live printing, and an exhibition featuring new work by Spudnik’s fall Artist in Residence, Hannah Ireland. Signature cocktails will feature CH Distillery spirits and local artisan beer.

Admission is by donation, and to cast a ballot, attendees can purchase five tasting tickets for $10. VIP tickets are $20 and include larger chili portions, a complimentary drink, a commemorative golden spoon, and a raffle ticket. Tickets are available in advance or at the door. Cook-off winners announced at 9:30 pm or when chili runs dry.

For more information:

Angee Lennard

Founder + Director

Spudnik Press Cooperative

1821 W Hubbard, Suite 302

Chicago, IL 60622


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