2014 One Earth Film Festival

This is my season to celebrate all-things-film, especially with the Academy Awards ceremony just around the corner on March 2. 

Drum roll please.  

Up for best Picture are American Hustle;  Captain Phillips;  Dallas Buyers Club;  Gravity;  Her;  Nebraska;    Philomena;  12 Years a Slave;  The Wolf of Wall Street.

Of those nine flicks, I have seen six. 

And, my race is on to see them all. 

After that, though, I’m going to try and catch a few of the documentaries being featured in the upcoming Green Community Connections’ 3rd Annual One Earth Film Festival, ‘cause they are all about something green,and a few are food/agricultural/landscape & wildlife restoration–centric, which are topics I am always trying to learn more about. 

So, I’m trying to fit in a few of these… 

BTW, my buds who have been poking me to plant a seed about ’em say registration is wise, as seating is limited. 

Over that second weekend in March, there will be other films cueing up, too, around here and in Chicago.  But you can do the digging to find out the whats, wheres and whens.

I’m wasting time.  Hollywood is calling me back to Oscar night, and my very important task at hand.   

First, I must say this about that:  I did like Her, but why wasn’t the she a him?   

And, my big pick for the Academy’s Best Picture of the Year today is a toss up between 12 Years a Slave; Dallas Buyer’s Club;  and American Hustle.   

Sorry, Marty and Leo.  Love your work, but haven’t caught The Wolf of Wall Street… yet.  Might miss it, actually, for now. 

But boys, don’t get in a dither.  Your movie, like all the rest, will come to my home box office soon, with or without you getting that gold guy.

Now that’s a rim shot.

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