Dear District 90 Families, Staff and Community,

As you may be aware, the District 90 website has been inaccessible since Friday due to a problem at the hosting company’s site, which is out of state. We have been informed that they cannot give us a timeframe for when the problem will be corrected. Unfortunately, the situation is outside of the District’s control. Please be assured that our phone service is not affected.

During this situation, most staff members will only have access to their District 90 email through school-based computers during school hours, and will not be able to access their email outside of school. However, because I work remotely, I have access to my District 90 email at all times, and I am happy to help with any time-sensitive needs that cannot wait for a response. Please feel free to email me regarding any urgent needs outside of school hours at until the issue is resolved.

In the meantime, we will post important news and updates on our Facebook page at, or will send email notices as needed.

We hope that the website will be up and running soon, and appreciate your patience and understanding while we wait for it to be resolved.


Tari Marshall
Communications and Community Outreach Coordinator

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