In response to Ken Trainor’s column urging action on gun control [Newtown, newcountry? Viewpoints, Dec. 18], I have to say I’m not entirely convinced that placing restrictions on guns will prevent another terrible tragedy from happening, despite the emotional outcry calling for it. Yet, I’m not fully convinced that arming more people, especially at schools, will help either, as the NRA advocates.

I think the solution lies in addressing the culture of violence in this country. If it’s so terrible for these shootings to take place, it doesn’t make sense to expose ourselves to violence constantly in movies, TV shows, and in other forms of media, and let ourselves slide into the complacency that it’s all normal. The world is already full of violence as it is without Hollywood promoting it in movies and then some. 

Let’s work to promote peace in our hearts and among our neighbors so that it may truly abound in the world. I think that would do much more than any legislation could.

Paul Rubio

Oak Park

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