From the U.S. Dept. of Defense via

Remember with gratitude the sacrifice by U.S. soldiers whose lives were lost in Operation Enduring Freedom between Dec. 11 and 24, 2013:

James Smith, 38 

Jesse Williams, 30

Terry Gordon, 22

Omar Forde, 28

Peter Bohler, 29

Joshua Silverman, 35

Randy Billings, 34

Daniel Vasselian, 27 

Remember their families and all the civilians lost in violence around the world. 

From the Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office, the Chicago Police Dept., and the Chicago Breaking News Center, by way of Chicago Tribune’s RedEye, Thursday edition:

In the city of Chicago, the following people were killed by violence between Dec. 11 and Christmas Day:   

Anthony Rivers, 30; Darnell Williams, 17; Cayetano Sandoval, 68; Deangelo Shelton, 26; Michael Turner, 42; Luis Berry, 24; Kahlin Holloway, 22; Ladarius Brisco, 17; Christopher Ramirez, 16; Salvador Diaz, 27; Willie Cooper, 74; Andre Hunter, 19; Barnett Adams, 33; Eric Davis, 41; Jeffrey Anderson, 29; Leroy Griffin, 18; Donavan Turnage, 11; Luciano Torres, 26; Christopher Lang, 23; Natasha Green, 19; Alexander Rodriguez, 23; Eric Hunt, 40; Silvestre Diaz-Hernandez, 41.

Keep their families and others touched by violence in your thoughts and prayers.   

Submitted each week by Mary Marling and Elizabeth Scanlon of the Unity Temple Unitarian/Universalist congregation where the names of casualties are read aloud at Sunday services.

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