Because I’m doing all my holiday shopping online, and I buy a lot from Amazon, I decided to take advantage of the 30-day introductory offer for Amazon Prime. With Amazon prime, I get 2-day free shipping on most items and access to Amazon On Demand for movies and television shows streamed to computer/television.

Movies on Amazon Instant Video turned out to be kind of ho-hum, but the 2-day free shipping inspired me to order food things I hadn’t thought to order before on Amazon, like garbanzo beans, Himalayan salt, Red Mill popcorn, Muir Glen tomato sauce and lots of other staples.

The pricing on these items is competitive with grocery store items, usually a little less, but the key advantage is that they deliver. So today I got a case of the garbanzo beans, at a little below shelf price at Dominick’s, but more importantly, as I mentioned, they deliver.

Of course, there are some items (contact lens solution, mayonnaise and other random stuff) that was actually more expensive through Amazon…but there’s a lot of stuff that’s a lot less expensive.

So the economic savings on this item are mostly in the time/labor savings…for me.

I recommend you sign up for the 30-day free trial …and stock up on some essentials, at a good price, and delivered to your door…perhaps soon by drone (which you may need if you expect to get your shipment by Christmas Day.

Check out free trial here:

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