This letter is directed to the family who gave my lost dog, Patty, food and shelter during these freezing days. Patty was probably frightened by the crowds of people and cars in the River Forest Town Center at Lake Street and Harlem Avenue when I parked there on Saturday, Dec. 7. 

I planned to take her to Petco for a photograph with Santa when she lurched, tearing away from her leash, and ran off. Many “well wishers” in the parking lot pursued her, but their efforts caused her to run away further. I then immediately returned to my car and drove in the direction (south on Harlem) in which she fled. I could not find her. 

I cannot adequately express my deep concern for my shy Patty. I have notified all the animal hospitals, animal control, the local police, and posted “Lost Dog” flyers in every public area I could think of.

Donna LaSage, who was Patty’s “foster mother” when Patty first came to the Oak Park Animal Care League, has posted information on Facebook and Craigslist and has been searching for Patty with me.

Our hope is that she is with some very kind family since we have not received any bad news from the police or elsewhere. I owe that family my overwhelming gratefulness and want to give them their well-deserved reward. In case Patty has lost her collar and tags, please call 708-366-5291 or 708-785-5297 or 630-747-1816 to notify us. 

To better identify Patty, she is a 5-year-old, 35-pound cattle dog with heavy grey and black fur. She is sweet and shy and has an allergy sickness.

I dreadfully miss my dear dog.

Harriet Hausman

River Forest

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