Every Thanksgiving, I go to Caputo’s to purchase items for the antipasti table: olives, cheese and pepperoni.

In years past, the pepperoni at Caputo’s was kept in a basket, drying out and getting more intense in flavor.

Now, the pepperoni is kept in plastic wrap, which keeps the sausage from properly aging and makes it incumbent upon me to buy the sausage well enough in advance to unsheathe it and let it dry before serving on Thanksgiving Day. Problem is, I don’t think too far ahead of today.

I understand there may be sanitation issues related to keeping sausages unwrapped and ready to be handled by customers – but the same potential problem exists with produce that sits around naked all day until someone buys it.

At Eataly, I was pleased to see that they keep many of their sausages exposed to the air, reducing in size and increasing in flavor…and who wouldn’t want a well-curated sausage like that?


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David Hammond

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