Joe Turner’s “Come and Gone” is a play set in a Pittsburgh boardinghouse in 1911. The show examines the lives of residents in the boarding house as they search for their cultural identity. For Herald Loomis, one of the central characters in the play, this search involves moving from place to place with his daughter in hopes of finding his wife.

Throughout the show Loomis meets people who help him talk about and confront his past. There are sad moments, happy moments and cute moments in the show. Each character undergoes a change that symbolizes the difficulties most African Americans experienced during the Great Migration. The play highlights how each person’s move from the South has affected them, be it good or bad.

There is an excellent display of acting in this performance and if you are looking for something to do in Oak Park, this is the play to see.

Joe Turner’s “Come and Gone” will be playing on Thurdsay Dec. 12 at 4pm, Friday Dec. 13 and Saturday Dec. 14 at 7:30pm in the OPRFHS Little Theater.

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