Please note an error in the Nov. 6, page 12 article titled, “Harmon calls Ike ditch Oak Park’s ‘ugly scar’.”
Near the end of the article, the writer states, “congestion is to be relieved enough to increase average speeds from the current 25 mph to 50 mph.”

This will never happen, except possibly in the Toll (HOT) or Carpool (HOV) Lane option. One of the four options being considered will not have a tolled or carpool lane. All the general purpose lanes will continue to crawl along perhaps averaging 26 versus 25 mph.

A good point of reference is Rick Kuner’s letter to the editor on page 23 [Observations on Ike-plan specifics, Viewpoints, Nov. 6].

News reported as such is one way to carry deceiving and false expectations to a receiving and misinformed audience. Of course, the way IDOT had replied to the question at the Harmon meeting, I cannot blame the writer for this mistake.

David Moehring

Oak Park

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