Oak Park, IL – Seventeen new checkout stations now empower Oak Park Public Library patrons with more choices, and enable staff members to deliver better customer service, bringing all library visitors multiple benefits.

“Moving the same customer service staff that our community knows and loves out from behind big desks and onto the lobby floor is something we’re really excited about,” said Executive Director David Seleb. “We want to be available exactly where and when our customers need us,” Seleb said, adding that “offering more personalized assistance as soon as you walk in our doors helps us be a better library for everyone.”

Bibliotheca is the maker of the new advanced, easy-to-use touch screens which replaced outdated and often out-of-service self-check machines. Almost all machines replaced were originally installed when the current Main Library opened more than a decade ago in early October 2003.

Completed installations at all library locations include a total of six freestanding kiosks and 11 countertop checkout stations. All stations give library visitors the ability to easily and privately borrow materials and, if they choose, log into their library account to renew items. Kiosk stations give cardholders the option to pay fines, using cash and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express). In the Main Library Lobby, countertop checkout machines can instantly be converted into staff stations. In addition, library staff members are available on the spot to assist cardholders every step of the way when using the new technology.

This work concludes the Main Library Lobby reconfiguration which began in July. That work was executed as part of the library’s strategic plan to meet its community’s evolving needs and ensure library spaces best serve everyone. Physical space improvements included creation of an adaptable multipurpose area for special events and unique displays, new energy efficient lighting, and new security gates.

The library recognizes the contributions of Bibliotheca, Nagle Hartray Architecture, and general contractor Bulley & Andrews, who all played pivotal roles in the Main Library Lobby reconfiguration. Team leads from Nagle Hartray and Bulley & Andrews are Oak Park residents.

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