Your Oct. 16 Viewpoints section sent my spirits soaring. Ken Trainor’s tender introduction to his newborn, twin-preemie grandsons is a potent reminder of the deep love transcending romance that echoes through past and future generations, making every human life precious to all [The time of our lives].

The David Pope invitation to join the March on Springfield asking our legislators to equalize the opportunity to share in the joys and legal benefits of marriage for all devoted couples, inspires an end to all discriminatory practices [Invitation to a march to remember]. After all, it was 40 years ago that the DSM, the diagnostic guide for psychologists and psychiatrists, first published the findings that homosexuality is within the range of normal, while homophobia (hatred or fear of homosexuals) is not.

And with “We can all do better,” Dean Lueking exemplifies the kind of action we can all take to help those in need of a hand to navigate the maze of bureaucratic requirements and deadlines in order to access life’s basics: identity, a place to live, and gainful work within one’s capabilities.

It is a blessed community that takes these thoughts to heart.

Betty T. Moore

River Forest

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