Oak Park will be buzzing with new places to get brews and burgers soon.

According to a news release from Oak Park Development Corporation, Oak Park Brewing Company/Hamburger Mary’s will open its doors in the summer of 2014, pending completion of its acquisition and rehab of an Oak Park building. No specific address has been released.

Oak Park Brewing Company will be a new venture, according to the release. Its co-tenant and related business will be Hamburger Mary’s.

The first Hamburger Mary’s opened in 1972 in the SOMA district in San Francisco.

“With humble beginnings as an eclectic late-night beer and burger joint, Hamburger Mary’s quickly established itself as a staple in the community.,” according to the release.

“Forty years later, with 12 locations nationwide and its first international location in Berlin, Germany, the restaurants are thriving as open-air bars and grills for open-minded people.”

Hamburger Mary’s in Chicago’s Andersonville neighborhood has been brewing beer for several years and the owners praised Oak Park and OPDC.

“We’ve participated in the Micro Brew review and know that the Oak Park area has an appetite for good food and there is a strong market here for good beer,” said co-owner Ashley Wright in a prepared statement. “We’ve really appreciated all the help we’ve gotten from Sara Faust and the OPDC team. They’ve helped with counsel on everything — possible locations, financing, and navigating the details of opening a brew-pub restaurant like this in Oak Park.”

OPDC president also spoke highly about the brewing company and hamburger joint.

“We are very pleased to have the Oak Park Brewing Company and Hamburger Mary’s coming to Oak Park. We like their product, as have the patrons at the Micro Brew Review, the annual Oak Park event,” Faust said in the release.

“It is a company Oak Park will embrace due to its commitment to green practices, charitable efforts, family-friendly environment, and involvement with the LGBT community. It will be a substantial investment and the owners’ commitment to the community is commendable. This great outcome is due to the teamwork of OPDC’s market-based recruitment efforts coupled with the pro-business governance action of the Village.”

To learn more about Hamburger Mary’s, visit hamburgermarys.com.

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