When you read about all of his accomplishments you wonder if he is not an orthopedic surgeon, but a superhero.

Dr. Brian Cole, M.D., 50, was profiled on the front page of Crain’s Chicago Business this week. Among the revelations was one Oak Park-centric thing we knew and one that was not reported by Crain’s. We knew that Dr. Cole is the head of the department of surgery at Rush Oak Park Hospital. And while the hook for the Crain’s piece was that Dr. Cole is the doc who operated on Derek Rose’s knee, it was not reported that Rose actually had the surgery at Rush Oak Park. Now you know.

Dr. Cole became one of the Chicago Bulls team physicians in 2004. About 15 years before that he earned his MBA from the University of Chicago and his M.D. in 1990 from the U of C Pritzker School of Medicine. He joined Midwest Orthopedics at Rush in 1997 after completing an internship at Loyola University Medical Center, a research fellowship and residency at Cornell Medical Center and a sports medicine fellowship at the University of Pittsburgh.

Dr. Cole, raised in Highland Park, played football at Deerfield High School, embarked on a medical mission to Kenya, is the section head of Rush University Medical Center’s Cartilage Restoration Center, the chairman of the Department of Surgery at Rush Oak Park Hospital, co-hosts a sports medicine radio show on WMVP-AM/1000—that brings in $50,000 annually for orthopedic research—and, oh yeah, he picked up skiing and mountain climbing in his 40s.

Does he fight crime by night too?

That has yet to be confirmed, but he did operate on Bulls all-star and 2010-2011 MVP Derrick Rose.

About a year and a half ago Dr. Cole replaced Rose’s torn anterior cruciate ligament. Now, with preseason games over and the NBA season starting, all eyes are on the man who gave Rose his leap back. A 42 inch vertical leap to be exact, five more inches than he had before.

“There’s just a lot at stake at many levels,” Dr. Cole said to Crain’s reporter Andrew L. Wang in an interview.

But Rose, after sitting out last season, said to ESPNChicago.com that he feels “way more explosive now.”

That should take some of the pressure off.

The Bulls faced the Miami Heat in the first game of the season losing 95-107. Their next game is against the New York Knicks Thursday, Oct. 31 at the United Center.

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