Ken Cuculich correctly guessed that Trattoria 225 served the beautiful short ribs pictured in September’s Name that Restaurant contest.

“I recognized the dish as soon as I saw it,” said Cuculich. “We have gone to T225 many times through the years, but last month was the first time that I ordered braised short ribs. I was surprised by the amount and tenderness of the meat. I have had short ribs that included a bone or two, but not this one. It was delicious and the risotto was terrific, smooth and creamy. I have to get it again.”

Those last five words sting.

Because I write about food, I am hardly ever able to go back to a restaurant to have the same dish again: so little time, so much food to try. In the 90s, I used to go to Horwath’s almost every weekend, and I’d usually get the capon, until Carolyn said she could not bear to go there more than once a month (it’s not that she didn’t like it; it’s just that she got bored with the same place).

I, too, very much enjoyed the braised short rib at Trattoria 225 but, alas, I am unlikely to ever eat there again. Sniff. Anyway, Cuculich won the $50 gift certificate for guessing the correct restaurant, and I’m pretty sure I know what menu item he’s going to buy with it.

If I could, I’d order it again, too.

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David Hammond

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