I am writing to let you know about a monstrous new “trade agreement” bill and a plan to have it voted on by Congress with little awareness by the public and no ability to modify it in Congress.

The “trade agreement” is called the TransPacific Partnership (TPP). It is being negotiated almost completely in secret because multinational corporations, the president, and the U.S. trade representative want it done that way. Rep. Keith Ellison calls it “the largest corporate power grab you have not heard of.”

TPP could undermine our democracy and turn over our sovereignty to multinational big business. It is about much more than trade. It could:

1) off-shore more millions of American jobs;

2) free the banksters from oversight;

3) ban Buy American policies needed to create green jobs and rebuild our economy;

4) decrease access to medicine worldwide;

5) bring more unsafe food and products into the U.S.; and

6) empower corporations to attack our environment, safety, and health safeguards.

Soon Congress will be voting on whether to approve “fast track” legislation which would allow TPP to be rushed through Congress without public scrutiny. Once introduced, only limited discussion would be allowed in Congress. Then it would have to be voted on. It could only be voted up or down — no amendments would be allowed. For starters, please contact your congressman and senators and tell them to vote no on “fast track” and oppose TPP.

Paul Sakol

Oak Park

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