On Friday evening, Sept. 13, I was visiting a friend who lives on Taylor, which has residential parking restrictions. She provided the bright yellow parking permit for our car as she always does. The parking permit was filled out, affixed to the windshield, and displayed directly above the Oak Park vehicle sticker on the passenger side of the car.

Inexplicably, I received a parking ticket for allegedly not having a parking pass displayed! The citation stated “Residential Permit Parking Only. No Parking Permit. Permit not visible anywhere.” Not only was the permit visible, I had three witnesses who saw me fill it out and affix it to the windshield.

I sent in the appeal the next day and provided the documentation, including the parking permit itself which I removed from the windshield; I also explained that there were witnesses. Last week I received a Notice of Adjudication in the mail with no explanation, except for the finding: “Liable,” signed by Administrative Law Judge Darlene Redmond.

It’s really a farce that the village has no obligation to explain their ruling and that I’m liable for a ticket that was issued for no reason. Had I gone in to village hall to plead my case, I would have had to take off work and lose more in pay than the cost of the ticket.

I’ve always heard of the village’s notorious mismanagement of parking issues and now I’ve got my own experience to back it up.

Betsy Leonard

Oak Park

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