An 18-year-old Oak Park man who’s been in Cook County jail for 569 days, pleaded guilty Monday to criminal sexual abuse and robbery of a female 18-year-old Highland Park High School student on New Year’s Eve, 2011.

Aanwar Barbour pleaded guilty to one count of criminal sexual abuse and one count of robbery, said Steve Campbell, a spokesman for at the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office.

Barbour was sentenced to six years for the robbery and three years for criminal sexual abuse by Cook County Judge Diane Cannon. The sentences will be served concurrently, Campbell said, with credit for the time served.

Barbour, then 16, was arrested at Oak Park and River Forest High School in March 2012 and charged as an adult. Terrance Ford, 15, of Chicago, and Charles Chuning, a former De LaSalle High School student, were also charged in the attack. Bond was set for the three defendants at $750,000.

The woman was found partially naked, beaten into a coma and bleeding on a parkway in the 2100 block of North Rockwell Avenue in Chicago near the Congress Theater in Logan Square on Dec. 30, 2011.

Prosecutors said the victim encountered Barbour and Ford after she was denied entrance to a concert at the Congress Theater. Separated from her companions on a freezing December night, the woman was intoxicated and slumped in a vestibule of a Milwaukee Avenue taco stand.

At the time, the Chicago Tribune reported the two brought her to a table in the restaurant where they were joined by other men. They then led her out of the restaurant, supporting her.

Prosecutors told the Tribune that Ford said he planned to rape and rob the victim. According to news accounts, Ford and Barbour propped her up against a chain link fence and the two allegedly fondled her, but were the two were accosted by passersby.

When the woman fell and hit her head on the cement, Ford, Barbour and Chuning allegedly carried her to a residential area where, prosecutors said, Ford sexually assaulted the woman while others watched.

Cash and two rings were removed from the woman during the attack, prosecutors said. The woman was found unconscious and bloody on the grass with her clothes partially removed.

Chuning and Ford have court hearings Oct. 10 and Nov. 17 respectively, Campbell said.

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