It is common knowledge that Illinois has a revenue crisis which has necessitated a cut in state support to schools, social programs, state pensions, etc., and has incurred an $8 billion hole in its “balanced budget.” The state legislature is now exacerbating the crises. There are bills in the legislature that would allow Archer Daniels Midland Corporation to retain the state income tax withholdings that employees would have paid to the state to support schools, roads, etc. Therefore, ADM would join Motorola Mobility, Navistar International and Ford Motor Company in sequestering employees’ taxes for their own use. Ostensibly this is done to encourage these large corporations to remain in the state.

This rationale, however, is flawed in that … “In 2012, 76 companies came to Illinois from Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan and Ohio bringing 1,332 employees, while 72 companies and 1,392 employees exited [Chicago Tribune, Sept. 28].” Large corporations have proven adept at playing this game nationwide by pitting states against each other for desperately needed jobs. The winners are the corporations that make promises and leave when they get a better deal; the losers are the taxpayers who are left with declining state services.

Al Popowits

River Forest

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