Sensitivity is a coin with two sides. One year ago, I was upset that four Americans died in Libya without any effort on the part of our government to rescue them. I was called to task for my insensitivity to the grieving families and my haste to lay blame on our commander-in-chief for his failure to honor tradition and move heaven and earth to save those citizens. I watched as Obama and Clinton, in front of the flag-draped caskets, both promised the families that justice would be swift and certain. We now know for a fact that the lie crafted by Obama about a video was political expediency to avoid an election-cycle problem. A month ago we were told that Benghazi was a phony scandal. This last week I watched the House oversight committee hearing on Benghazi and was appalled when a couple of Republicans and 10 Democrats on the committee insulted all Americans and specifically the families of the four dead Americans by walking out on two parents’ testimony. Our own Danny Davis was one of the 10 Democrats who chose not to exhibit the most basic civil courtesies to a father and a mother who lost sons in heroic service to our country. Why do we allow Rep. Davis to embarrass the nation and our district with troubling frequency? I challenge Rep. Davis to explain his reasoning and insensitivity for this insult to all Americans, parents and patriots. He will not because he cannot!

Ray Simpson
Oak Park


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