Sure the U.S. Postal Service is broke. But did they eliminate all funding for basic landscaping around the post offices? Drove past the South Branch on Garfield near Harlem last weekend. Looks awful. They need to requisition a Weed Whacker from Washington.

Monkey Island, a little spit of village owned land at Lombard and Randolph, has always been a charming destination for little neighborhood kids, dog walkers, middle-school smoochers. But the last couple of years have not been kind to its population of trees. Last week, four more came down leaving a big bare spot. This parkway is left over somehow from an old streetcar line that ran through town a century ago.

I tend not to get riled up over dumbly-timed public works projects on the theory that I have a hard time scheduling a plumber to come to my house. But the note today from the high school that the village has scheduled curb and resurfacing work next week for the stretch of Erie Street that runs on the north side of OPRF is pretty frustrating.

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Dan Haley

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