Is anyone in Oak Park surprised about the “Sleepy’s surprise”? [Old Borders may wake up to Sleepy’s, News, Aug. 7]

As a longtime resident, certainly not I. Hey, that’s just business as usual in Downtown Oak Park. Does anyone in the western suburbs come to Oak Park because of its fine stores? Of course not. When they come, they come for our excellent restaurants, bread shops and bakeries.

Doing the same thing over and over again — in spite of failure — and expecting a different result is the working definition of insanity. Well if so, the Oak Park Development Corporation and our village government are insane.

We need a remedy, and a strong one. First, since the OPDC is taxpayer-funded and therefore a total waste of taxpayer money, it should be abolished forthwith. Next, the village planer and business manager should be offered a chance to bring their talents to other communities, immediately. The village government should next give high priority in developing a workable business model.

By all means look at other success stories — as you suggest in your editorial — maybe even Berwyn (Berwyn?!). But before we can return to a state of health, we must perform radical surgery.

Bruce Kleinman

Oak Park

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