I agreed with much of Ken Trainor’s assessment of the upgraded Scoville Park [Grading the Scoville Park upgrade, Viewpoints, July 31]. However, I would add one more element, which I tangled with last Wednesday night as I was leaving the tennis courts. I exited through the gate at the northeast corner of the new playground. The latch on this gate is a very heavy piece of what I assume is wrought iron in the shape of a tuning fork, about 8 x 1½ x ½inches.

In theory, I think the operator is supposed to raise the two-pronged latch like a drawbridge and then drop it so it lands on either side of a post. Admittedly, I was trying to do this with one hand since I was carrying my tennis bag in the other hand. But the end result was that the latch came down in a “guillotinish” fashion and left me with a bleeding and very painful thumb. And this latch is supposed to be operable by children? Really? Grade: F-

Jeanne Goedert
Oak Park

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