“Phony Scandal” is a scandal itself. President Obama has declared that phony scandals “Fast and Furious,” “Benghazi,” “IRS political targeting,” “AP snooping,” and “NSA violations” are just an attempt to deflect public attention from his greater good efforts. I fail to see how that eases the pain of the families who have dead children as a result of his failure to respect the law or to fulfill his constitutional responsibilities. I fail to see how this claim repairs damage done to “Tea Party” groups whose applications were slow-walked and donor lists illegally released to opposing groups. I fail to see how violations of the First Amendment press freedoms add anything to our security, but rather puts us all in an Orwellian world.

All of these scandals are examples of total contempt for the rule of law and the mandates of our Constitution by the Obama administration. Every one of these phony scandals has been punctuated by demonstrated perjury before Congress by representatives of the Obama administration. Harry Truman had a “BUCK” that stopped at his desk. Obama has a “BUCK” that enjoys plausible deniability at every turn. The President could put all of these issues behind him by releasing the information requested by Congress, releasing the names and availability of Benghazi survivors, IRS White House meeting records and emails and follow through with the transparency he brags about but never seems to honor.

If the Obama administration is so transparent, why do they hide everything? I guess they don’t feel obligated to “we the common unwashed.”

Ray Simpson
Oak Park


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