Just saw a squirrel with a lollipop (Tootsie Roll brand). He was holding it with his two front hand-paws and licking away. He put the stick in his mouth and ran off when he realized I was watching.

Loved your piece on summer [Here in the heart of summer, Viewpoints, July 10], but then you love all seasons. When my youngest was three, I asked her what season she liked the best. “They are all special” she replied. Out of the mouths of babes …

Now I have written proof that you are a Thoreau fan, as I suspected.

Used to be you never saw an empty ball diamond in Oak Park in the summer. Now you see too many that are totally deserted, even with Ridgeland out of the lineup (on the DL)! Is everybody home playing video games?

Keep up the writing, Ken!

Brent Borgerson
Oak Park

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