I’m delighted to see that our village trustees (other than Peter Barber) “heard the message” from the last election that the people want the board to stop wasting time on efforts to improve the climate for local businesses and instead pander to everyone’s pet cause, such as “Meatless Mondays.” It’s so hard to prioritize the board’s efforts and have to tell anyone the board has more urgent business than theirs, so thank heavens the board doesn’t.

So, board members, please act on my cause: Isn’t it rather silly that people drive to the swimming pools in order to get some exercise? Wouldn’t it make more sense to walk or bike there? To say nothing of saving the planet by not burning fossil fuels. So do away with on-site parking at the swimming pools and impose immediate-residents-only parking restrictions within two blocks of the pools.

Reprobate sluggards who refuse to walk or bike to the pool can pay a stiff fee to use the OPRF High School parking garage once Ridgeland Commons reopens, and they can take a taxi to Rehm.

Bob Stigger
Oak Park

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