In protest of the Taste of Chicago, Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass created his own version: Taste of Kass.

Kass even gave one Oak Park establishment his nod of approval. In a column posted Thursday, he said the dark chocolate sorbet at Mancini’s (1111 Lake St .) was like “cold chocolate in concentrated form.” So good, in fact, it could even solve an argument with your wife, Kass suggests.  

“If there is one work of art in Chicago area dessert, it has to be the dark chocolate sorbet at Mancini’s,” he wrote. “Simple. Mysterious. Devastating. Provocative. The essence of Italian chocolate. …Anyone who tastes it emits an involuntary deep roll of the eyes. It is the 50 shades of chocolate sorbet.”

A self-proclaimed chocolate expert (and slight addict) myself, I’ll be stopping by soon to confirm Kass’ review.

UPDATE: Tried the sorbet (see picture). Review confirmed: I’ll be headed back for more. 

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