I was walking this evening and turned into the alley of the 900 North block between Humphrey and Taylor avenues. After proceeding a short distance, a German Shepherd dog jumped two fences, barking and charging at me in the alley.

I immediately started screaming “Help!” and attempted to get the dog away from me. A man getting into his car a few doors down got out of his car and came to my assistance, telling the dog to get back. The owner then came to the alley and got the dog back into yard.

I would like to thank this man as, in all the excitement, I have no recall of having done so. Had he not come to my assistance, it could have been a very different outcome. To the two men who were puttering in their garages a few houses down, both with the garage doors up, and who averted their gaze when I walked past, I would like to say that I hope, should anything ever happen with them, someone comes to their assistance and then perhaps they will appreciate the importance of helping others.

To think what the outcome could have been and the fact it also could have been a robbery or assault in progress, it’s sad that only one out of three concerned themselves with the well being of another.

Again, I say thank you.

Pamela Wollenberg
Oak Park

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