Still looking for some outrage! Two weeks ago I asked why Wednesday Journal is strangely silent about the First Amendment abuses by the Obama administration that you endorsed and supported last year [Whose ox is being gored now? Viewpoints, May 29]. I would have expected some explanation for your failure to defend your own industry and its historic shield from government harassment. Your silence is deafening.

Yesterday we witnessed reporting of another abuse of American citizens. The IRS targeting of conservative groups is so illegal and immoral that someone must go to jail. The “Tea Party” groups were represented by courteous, nice looking American citizens who told horror stories about how the government is using the IRS, EPA and DOJ as clubs against a differing political view, their members and their contributors.

The Tea Party has been represented in your publication as racist, extreme and out of touch with the real world and labeled with dishonest, insulting pejoratives. The individuals I saw were decent people who have been abused by the administration that seems to get free passes by your newspaper. The value of a “free press” is the dedication to report the whole story — good, bad, and ugly. Perhaps the problem is that you don’t see the abuse as newsworthy as many of us do!

Ray Simpson

47-year resident of Oak Park

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